The old school business model of Network Marketing has been upgraded and refreshed. Tricking your friends into meetings, high pressure sales techniques are out. In this book you will learn what it takes to market yourself socially, be a success and keep your friends. There is nobody better to explain how to do this than Clif Braun. He has reached a level of success in this industry few have ever achieved. More importantly, he has taught thousands how to do it year after year.

“This book, just like Clif is the real deal. This is not the same old stuff rehashed. Clif’s authentic writing style gives the reader a true glimpse of what it really takes to achieve success in today’s social world and to do so while having fun and being yourself. This book is a real page turner. You’re going to love it. You’re going to love Clif. It’s impossible not to. As I said, he’s the real deal.
Matt Morrow

“It’s obvious from the very first page of this book that Clif is a master at his craft. So many books on this subject are written by people who have never achieved true success in this industry. That is clearly not the case with Clif. This book is filled with the kind of things most people never learn. Read it over and over…take action on what he says, and you will have a real chance to reach the top of your company!”
Marc Accetta

"Clif has a tremendous style as he explains how to cash in on your social brand equity. The best part is how to have fun while doing it. If you´ve been waiting for the next big thing, Clif explains Social Marketing like no other! What a great book by such a great guy!"


“Clif and Dave were the very first people that inspired me to dream big. Clif is one of the most talented entrepreneurs I’ve met. On top of his talent, he has a passion for personal development, consistent work ethic and priceless experiences he documented in this book. He is an industry leader and everyone could learn something from Clif.”

Danny Bae - ACN

“Clif is one of the most naturally gifted network marketers I’ve ever known. He has been an instrumental part of my success in this industry, and it’s great that he is sharing his years of experience through this book. I’m positive the information in this book will change someone else’s life as it has mine.”

Daniel Song - Yoli

“Words can’t really describe the talent Clif has in this industry. I worked with him early in my career. Which was a major piece in formulating my foundation. A foundation that has helped lead to all the success I have achieved the past decade. I have no doubt that this book will be insightful and helpful to many.”

Duke Tubtim - Ariix

“I met Clif when he was 19 and it was very obvious he was special. He already displayed a magnetic personality and a natural gift to touch people in a profound way. Clif was very ambitious and I believe what ever he puts his heart into he will always have success. He does nothing mediocre, but strives to make a significant impact and humanity in a positive way.”

Dennis Wong Founder and Owner of YOR

Wealth Creation. His systems and methods have helped people make money around the world in multiple time zones and languages. This book is a blueprint that Clif has used to live a life that very few people will ever get a chance to experience. If you are serious about taking control of your future you need to read this book.”

Wes Melcher - #1 Best Selling Author on Direct Sales and Network Marketing

“So many people right now want to win. So many people right now want to achieve their goals and dreams. This book I believe is a road map for anyone who wants to achieve their dreams in life.”

Tim Herr - Seacret

“Clif is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever had the chance of meeting. He truly cares about people and wants to help others achieve a high level of success. This book is kick ass and so is Clif!”

Alex Morton - Alex Morton Mindset

“Clifton took my money and my girl. And yet I am still impressed by his skin and his hair. What do you use man?! Someone hold me and tell me I will be as smooth as him one day!”

Skyler Stone - Actor and Comedian

“Clifton Braun is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met. Super funny, successful, so down to earth and truly super likable. Admired and envied by so many. Clifton Braun is a LEGEND”

Graedon Boswell - WG

Clif Braun’s story is so powerful, so energizing, so inspiring and most importantly so very real! You will be lifted up through his incredible experiences in our industry to realize the simple fact —— “I can do this!” This is a book that every person who has a sincere desire to improve must read!”

Tom Alkazin - Proctor & Gallagher

“This book is a do not miss!!! Clif Braun is one of the most amazing people I have ever seen in this business!! There’s a saying; Those that can do, those that can’t teach!” He does IT, he leads by example and he build massive teams where ever he goes!! Learn from someone who is doing exactly what he teaches. What a concept! Clif is not only one of the best leaders in the business, he is also one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. He will make you laugh, what he’s been through and overcome will make you cry. THANK YOU CLIF…FOR YOUR LEADERSHIP, YOUR VISION, AND MOST OF ALL YOUR FRIENDSHIP! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!

Michelle Barnes - Modere